Saturday, August 27, 2011


THE WOMAN (Caucasian 30’s to 40’s) The woman is an unidentified glamorous screen star who shows up when the character Jane tries to commit suicide. Her character is a mix of cynical world-weary toughness and wounded child vulnerability. She will be dressed and made up in a suitable Hollywood glamour style based on the look of the actress chosen for the role. The role also calls for smoking. 

ANDREA (Any race or ethnicity 20's to 40-ish)  Andrea is Jane's best friend. At first, she encourages Jane to get out of the house but after Jane meets someone, Andrea decides to sleep with him. Not looking for any stereotypes such as a scheming woman. Andrea is just a regular person who makes a bad decision. Roles involves a sex scene and partial nudity.

BILL (Caucasian 30's to 40's) is good-looking but professorish. He probably really is in love with Jane. He's a nice enough guy who just gives in too easily to temptation. Role involves a sex scene with Jane and a separate sex scene with Andrea.